Monday, August 8, 2011

Archetype Poll

I've added 3 polls to the side bar. They are to help me decide what 3 archetypes (out of the 18 I'm using) to physically prepare for the alpha play testing. To help with voting here is a quick run down of the obvious (and some of the less obvious ones)


Forge Master: Equipment enhancing DPS
Pit Fighter: Dirty Fighting DPS
Barbarian: Pure Burst DPS
Wild Spirit: Animistic spirit channeling DPS
Strategist: Party movement based
Paladin: Dmg mitigation based tank


Artificer: Mechanical summoner
Hexer: Weakens enemies/ DPS
Wizard: Standard magical DPS
Druid: Healing/Buffs
Illusionist: Stun based
Cleric: Healing/Dmg mitigation


Agent: High speed based DPS
Stalker: Poison based DPS
Sapper: Demolitions
Warden: Ranged DPS/ Buffs
Mesmerist: Stun and Control
Volte-Facer: Dmg mitigation through movement

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